Managing a distributed voice environment by yourself isn’t easy.

Let’s be honest, the dream of having one tech sitting in a network operations center managing an entire voice network is just that – a dream.

A more likely scenario is that you have multiple systems, various carriers, different software versions and various VARs in the mix.  Who can you rely on to efficiently and effectively manage this sort of environment?

This is ICOMM’s specialty. We have deep experience managing all manner of different voice systems, including:

  • IP and server-based voice systems
  • TDM PBXes from all the major vendors (and most smaller vendors, too)
  • Carrier service-based telephony services

We can and do work with any system currently deployed. We’re not a carrier – so we can hold the carriers accountable and make sure that service issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

ICOMM’s TMS Telecom Maintenance and Support Services includes:

  • Help Desk access via inbound calls, email or ticket queues and via chat services
  • Level 1 and Level 2 support
  • MACD activity on all voice systems and carrier-based voice environments
  • Telephony system maintenance
  • Vendor dispatch and coordination
  • Full and transparent reporting of all activities (via our TMA application suite or via our client’s ticketing application)
  • Support SLAs for time to answer, time to resolve and more