ICOMM’s Telecom Management Application (TMA) is a full set of cloud-based telecom management tools that are continually updated and enhanced. And, unlike many other offerings, we not only provide you with an application, we roll up our sleeves and collect the data to populate it, making TMA an immediate resource for your company.


  • Offered as stand-alone modules or as a bundled suite
  • Can populate the data into TMA either through an inventory or a full-blown service audit
  • Inventory and account/invoice information is securely available 24/7

TMA Dashboard

The Dashboard Module gives our clients a quick, high-level view of activity and spending within their environment. Though very customizable, by default the module includes spending reports by month, carrier, and service type. It also includes order and interaction activity reports, and various savings reports. Working in conjunction with our Reports Module, this tool supplies both high-level and granular ad-hoc details to our clients.

TMA Services Module

The Services Module is a detailed database of all your telecommunications-related services, including IT equipment, software and licenses, including “used-for” information, service descriptions, vendor information, asset information, and per-item monthly charges. Standard and customizable reporting options offer a big picture view of your technology environment’s configuration and expense for higher-level management, as well as detailed services inventory reports to help control and manage day-to-day operations.

TMA Sites Module

The Sites Module includes telephone system information fields for each location, vendor, and local staff contact numbers, plus a file management module for easy access to Visio files and contract documents. Additionally, the equipment sub-module can keep track of the necessary information for routers, switches, firewalls, servers and various other pieces of networking gear. And, like all elements of TMA, each piece of equipment can be linked to its site, relevant circuits, contracts, accounts, and to both support and vendor contacts.

TMA IVPS (Invoice Validation and Processing Service) Module

The IVPS Module is a comprehensive tool where telecom expenses are collected and stored by account for easier tracking and managing of your IT costs. Customizable to your accounting system, this module gives you access to monthly charges, usage charges, fees, taxes, and credits. It makes it easy to flag account changes from one month to the next, triggering the need to investigate potential billing errors or unauthorized service changes. TMA also loads in electronic billing data such as EDI (from every major RBOC) and other electronic billing data from LD carriers, wireless carriers, data service providers, equipment, and software vendors. This makes our process as efficient as possible, while delivering an extremely accurate invoice review.

TMA Interactions Module

The Interactions Module is a trouble-ticketing and order management application. Interactions are used to log all vendor orders and provide real-time status on changes and credits. This is where you can see real dollar savings per order as well as total savings. In addition, Interaction Module includes full-featured Trouble Ticketing, which is used by our Support Team to manage day-to-day support requests, received via phone calls or emails sent into our Help Desk. Like every module of TMA, the trouble ticketing module is available via our hosted service, giving our clients access to check status and run reports on our support activities.

TMA Report Module

Reports are key to managing infrastructure. TMA includes in-depth reporting capabilities for all of the above modules and is customizable to your needs. The flexibility of TMA ensures that you have access to all of the information that you want in the format that works for you.