ICOMM’s roots are in traditional telecommunications consulting. We excel in assisting our clients evaluate and select the technologies and vendors best suited to support their business objectives.

Typically, this involves the following steps:

  • Analysis of current state
  • Needs and objectives assessment
  • Preparation of Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Management of RFP process
  • Evaluation of RFP responses, and recommendations
  • Negotiations with winning supplier
  • Project management of implementation (optional, and provided by our TMS team)

Our Experience

We have years of experience evaluating, implementing and supporting:

  • Next-Generation PBXs and IP Telephony Services
  • Mobile/Wireless Services
  • In-Building Wireless and Distributed Antenna Systems
  • LAN/WAN Technologies and Next-Generation Carrier Services
  • IP-based and TDM-based Voice Services

Key Benefits to Consulting

When you engage ICOMM for a telecommunications consulting project, you benefit from several key attributes:

  • The experience and perspective we gain from our TMS practice area. We work with these systems and services in real-life situations every day. That 360 view of telephony systems and services informs our consulting practice in a unique way.
  • The cost reduction focus we have as a result of our TEM practice. We’re mindful of the impact that new technologies will have on your ongoing telecom budget, and we include that impact as part of the evaluation.
  • Our vendor independence and high ethical standards. As an independent consulting firm, we have no financial relationship with any vendors. Our recommendations are based solely on your objectives and best interests.