ICOMM offers a wide variety of mobile expense management and optimization services that help your business become a streamlined, cost-efficient, and optimized mobile environment. These services include:

Invoice Processing & ePayment

ICOMM electronically receives carrier invoices and validates them to contract rates, while also fixing any irregularities in inventory information and order activity. Once approved, ICOMM will send off an electronic payment to the carrier to ensure on-time payment, eliminating the risk of late fees.

Service Optimizations

Each mobile service is fully audited each month, and any appropriate plan adjustments are made to retain a fully optimized mobile environment.

Mobile Inventory Management

ICOMM integrates into your human resources system to ensure each device is accurately associated to active employees only, and that any discrepancies are dealt with accordingly.

Policy Exceptions Management

Want to cut down on too much texting,  international roaming, or application downloads? ICOMM validates that all corporate mobile policies are adhered to across the complete inventory of mobile devices.

Mobile Expense Reporting

ICOMM provides complete reporting of mobile spending across our client’s environment.  Want to bill back hardware costs to an employee cost center, but centralize the service costs? Looking to centralize the cost of mobile data access, but cross-charge voice services back to the employee’s cost center? ICOMM’s TMA automates this process and fully integrates into our client’s AP system and streamlines these processes.

To learn more about ICOMM’s Managed Mobility Solutions or to discuss your mobility needs, contact us today.