ICOMM offers comprehensive mobile device sourcing and ordering services. These include:

New Activations

ICOMM places orders on behalf of our clients from all US and Canadian carriers, and from dozens of global mobile carriers, including most carriers in the EU. All orders are tracked in our Telecom Management Application to ensure they are fully reconciled during the invoice review process.

Device Ordering, Kitting, Upgrades & Replacements

ICOMM’s Mobile Carrier Ordering Team offers a full range of mobile ordering services, including:

  • Initial device setup and kitting
  • Activation support
  • Warranty repair
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled training services

ICOMM’s Mobility Help Desk can also assist with device troubleshooting around the clock, and we can store replacement and spare devices to be shipped out at a moment’s notice.

Accessories Procurement

Centralizing the mobile procurement process helps minimize costs and ensures compliance; and via our Expense Management service, accessory costs can easily be cross-charged, and accessories can be automatically bundled with new devices orders as part of our Device Ordering service.

Plan Changes

Over the course of a single year, some end-users’ mobility-use patterns can change dramatically. ICOMM enables a process for end-users to request changes prior to the need of the service, and through our policy management procedures, we’ll make optimization changes to mitigate overages and ensure best-in-class per-device pricing.

Device Deactivations

As employees leave your organization, ensuring their devices are properly handled is essential.  Our integration into our clients’ HR systems enables us to make changes immediately, eliminating the cost of unused devices and ensuring that devices are recovered, reassigned or securely recycled, depending on your business needs.