ICOMM has been helping clients with mobile carrier services RFPs for over a decade. We know the questions that need to be asked and the responses they need to provide to ensure only the best carriers are selected.

Our RFP process ensures buy-in from all vested departments in your organization by standardizing not only the carrier responses, but also the internal feedback to those responses.

We also provide:

Benchmarking Services

ICOMM directly manages thousands of mobile devices across nearly every North American, European and Asian carrier. We are in the midst of contract negotiations and RFPs for mobile services constantly. We provide our clients with market information to make sure their pricing is correct for an enterprise of their size and structure.

Mobile Carrier Contract Negotiations

Having negotiated with most mobile carriers internationally, ICOMM provides insight into contract terms and conditions, what can be agreed to (and what shouldn’t be) and what terms to add for a successful relationship with a chosen carrier.

Mobile Policy Development

All the optimizations in the world won’t help keep costs down if mobile policies aren’t created, enacted and monitored. ICOMM assists our clients in creating these policies, and then via our Expense Management service, helps validate compliance with those policies.