ICOMM’S thorough Carrier and Mobile Phone Support services include:

Basic Help Desk

ICOMM has extensive experience receiving end-user requests for support and repair. Our carrier (and device) agnostic support services can help centralize support and ensure a uniform service level.

24/7 Help Desk

ICOMM provides our clients with a dedicated, 24/7 help desk for mobile support. We have years of experience supporting mobile devices, mobile applications, MDM applications, roaming issues, carrier plans, and hardware repair issues. We provide this service for US and international users only using ICOMM staff.

Number Porting Support

With the advent of Wireless Local Number Portability, end-users gained a great deal of flexibility in regards to their choice of mobile provider. And though the carriers have dedicated WLNP departments, providing a hand-holding through the process ensures that your end-users have as little downtime as possible. ICOMM provides the mobile phone support and necessary resources to ensure a seamless porting process for your end-users.

Large Migrations

ICOMM has extensive experience with large corporate mobile service migrations. Moving from one carrier to another? Rolling out new devices? ICOMM’s Managed Mobility team will make sure that large changes are a complete success.