Times have changed.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) first got started as a means for businesses to potentially save money. Today, it is a necessary policy that allows for employees to be as efficient and productive as possible in their roles within an organization, and a way to attract and retain talented employees by allowing them to work the want they want to work – securely.

But there’s no universal set of BYOD policies that will work for every business.

Organizations Might Prefer:

  • MDM software
  • Setting up specific contracts with mobile carriers
  • Changing who is eligible to have a corporate-paid device
  • Deploying applications that work cross-platform

Even after deciding which approach will work best, new policies will need to be developed and put into place. It’s a lot.

ICOMM has years of experience managing mobile devices on behalf of our client.

We Can:

  • Order and deploy devices
  • Maintain service inventories
  • Perform monthly optimizations
  • Electronically receive and pay carrier invoices
  • Help negotiate carrier contracts
  • Help create mobile usage and BYOD/COPE policies

ICOMM will help you determine how best to adapt your mobile environment and usage for cost savings, competitive advantage and employee productivity.

Contact us and request a consultation today. ICOMM can quickly help you identify how we can best help you craft best-practice BYOD/COPE policies and programs for your company.