Don’t risk getting locked into a telecom contract that isn’t right for your organization. ICOMM specializes in negotiating and matching the following contracts to your business needs:

  • Software licensing contracts
  • Software deployment contracts
  • Software development contracts
  • IT outsourcing contracts
  • Data center and cloud hosting contracts
  • Audit and compliance contracts and more

ICOMM’s team of Contract Analysts assist clients in making sure the various terms and conditions are as favorable as possible and adhere to the necessary corporate standards (for things like payments terms, insurance requirements, SLAs, legal venue, dispute management, etc.). ICOMM’s knowledge in this space covers hundreds of vendors.  ICOMM possesses unique insight into what they are willing to agree to under which circumstances, which means you’ll receive the best contract possible for your organization. Furthermore, ICOMM works in conjunction with sourcing and procurement teams, along with its clients’ legal teams, adding industry-specific knowledge and process expertise.

Once the contract is signed and services are implemented, ICOMM’s TMA allows our clients to track contract terms, rates, requirements, orders, changes and invoicing in the same manner TMA is used for telecom contracts and asset management.

The History

ICOMM has been helping clients manage their Telecom contracts since our inception. This has included rate benchmarking, terms and conditions validation, contract commitment and adherence tracking and dispute management.

As the convergence between voice/data and telephony/IT occurred, ICOMM became more involved in assisting clients in contracts directly and indirectly tied into their telephony environments. Over the past number of years, this practice has grown into full-blown IT contracts negotiation and compliance support.