Why Attend IAITAM’s Spring Annual Conference and Exhibition?

From our friends at Etelesolv: When you have some essential knowledge about something that affects a lot of people, it’s important to share it. It’s in this spirit that our partners at Etelesolv will be presenting at the IAITAM Spring Annual Conference and Exhibition. Their talk is called “The Reward of Self-Service Audit” and will [...]

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ICOMM @ The AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Efficiency First® Telecom Management Conference

This week, ICOMM is attending, and is one of the sponsors of, the annual AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Efficiency First® Telecom Management Conference. This is the second time that ICOMM has participated in this event, and the first since ICOMM achieved Efficiency First certification. To read about our EF Certification: http://www.aotmp.com/company/press-releases/icomm-achieves-aotmp-efficiency-first-solution-certification.html To see more information [...]

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What are all the acronyms that fall under TEM?

This is an interesting and important discussion (though somewhat frustrating at the same time): TEMIA has recently published a listing of all the acronyms that fall under the umbrella definition of TEM.   The list of acronyms is long, and some of them overlap.  But they are all important elements of a successful management of [...]

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What is Telecom Management?

The following post was recently published by TEMIA, the Telecom Management Industry Association.  ICOMM feels strongly that this is an important list to review.  If you aren't proactively managing each of the elements in the following list, you are not performing TEM in a best practice manner, and are likely not getting all you could [...]

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Blue Hilll Research’s Case Study on the Value of Dedicated TEM Providers

This morning, Blue Hill Research (@BlueHillBoston, www.bluehillresearch.com) published a case study on the benefits to business of utilizing a dedicated TEM provider (as opposed to a software only model).   This case study walks through the evolution of ICOMM's engagement with the client in question, and details out the various benefits the client has seen [...]

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TMO CEO John Legere Inteview with David Pogue

T-Mobile sure is trying to shake things up, following the larger than life personality of their CEO John Legere.  Their approach to contracts, rate plans, device subsidies and early term fees will hopefully have a ripple effect across all carriers globally.  Here's a link to the complete interview:  http://www.yahoo.com/tech/david-pogue-interviews-mischievous-t-mobile-ceo-72839003078.html?soc_src=mags

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