IT Expense Management and IT Contracts

ICOMM's CEO Jim Price had the opportunity to give a short presentation to The Technology Expense Management Industry Association, at their recent September 2017 Annual Meeting.  The topic was IT Contracts and IT Expense Management, and how as TEM has evolved into IT expense management, the same elements that have made TEM a success around [...]

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Telecom Expense Management: Driving Down Costs While On Cruise Control

The IT world is full of acronyms which can be a bit daunting at times. Never fear for there will be more to come… I know… you were expecting me to say something like it will end but that is not the case. Technology will grow as it marches towards the future; journeying along the [...]

Rules of Engagement for Ordering from Telecom Carriers

Here are the rules of engagement with telecom carriers for ordering services should you wish to do it without a third party.  If you already know these tips and tricks then you are well ahead of the game and it could serve as a good reminder. No Blind Date When it Comes to Choosing Your [...]

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Why Managed Carrier Ordering Services Worth Investing In

That’s the question of the day! Let’s first define what managed carrier ordering services are.   It is an outsourced service that manages the entire process of ordering telecommunications services from carriers, on behalf of an enterprise.  This service ensures that orders are placed correctly, installed in a timely fashion as configured and billed accordingly.  Now you may [...]

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ICOMM and Parental Leave

Interesting article in Bloomberg News on Parental Leave in the US. We at ICOMM our proud of our parental leave program. In the past 3 years, a number of our staff have used it, with 3 months of paid leave (even for the adoption of a newborn). It's a shame that more companies don't embrace [...]

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TEMIA Elects New Executive Board

The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), the authoritative voice for Telecommunications Management and Solutions Providers in related areas, voted for new executive board officers at its meeting in Orlando, Florida. TEMIA’s Executive Board members provide leadership, oversee policy and set direction. Each year, there are elections for a portion of the board serving a [...]

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ICOMM @ The AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Efficiency First® Telecom Management Conference

This week, ICOMM is attending, and is one of the sponsors of, the annual AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Efficiency First® Telecom Management Conference. This is the second time that ICOMM has participated in this event, and the first since ICOMM achieved Efficiency First certification. To read about our EF Certification: To see more information [...]

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TMA and the HeartBleed Vulnerability

This is a notice to all of our customers that ICOMM's TMA, our telecom management application suite, is not susceptible to the HeartBleed vulnerability.  ICOMM uses Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 for all of our servers, including our SQL servers, our web servers and the various auxiliary application servers [...]

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