Benefits of Azure

Microsoft’s Azure Billing API

ICOMM electronically receives daily updates from the Billing API and validates them to the approved inventory and to the contract rates. The billing can be displayed through our standard TMA usage reports and portal views, and can be tracked daily and/or hourly, depending upon the complexity of the environment.

ICOMM also reports on more detailed usage as part of this service, including meter-based granular reporting down to the resource level (servers, firewalls, load balancers, etc.) and at the region level (segmented by which Azure hosting center the resources are located). This allows ICOMM to report on inventory updates and usage trends across all billable elements within the environment.

Service Alerts

Using the data providing through Azure, ICOMM creates alerts that can be used to catch updated usage trends when they are happening and proactively contain them. For example, if a server suddenly begins using a higher amount of bandwidth than estimated, we can turn the server off. Or, if a development server reaches a monthly spend quota, it can be powered down to save money for the rest of the billing cycle.

Advanced Reporting; Forecasting and Budgeting

Using this Azure data, we can produce more accurate spend forecasts, and can work within IT to ensure compliance with budget goals on a resource by resource basis.


ICOMM will use this data to optimize your Azure environment. Too many servers with low utilization? They can be “snoozed” on schedule to save money, or resized accordingly. These savings figures are then tracked and reported on, along with the rest of the analytics provided by this service.

Thank you to everyone who attended the AOTMP Fixed and Mobile Telecom Management Conference. ICOMM is proud to be a sponsor, and we were grateful to present one of our newer offerings during the Hot New Technologies section of the event. We call this offering Azure Expense Management.

As ICOMM’s services and TMA continue to grow in the IT service management space, ICOMM now offers Microsoft Azure Expense Management. This allows ICOMM to proactively track and manage Azure inventory, Azure RateCard costs and Azure Usage trends, and to help clients respond to these trends accordingly.

To download a copy of our presentation with more information on Azure Expense Management, fill out the form.