The IT world is full of acronyms which can be a bit daunting at times. Never fear for there will be more to come… I know… you were expecting me to say something like it will end but that is not the case. Technology will grow as it marches towards the future; journeying along the path of innovation will deliver new acronyms to define.  Today, we’re going to a take a closer look at a particular acronym called “TEM”.  Now if you’re new to this then you should be asking yourself. What in the world is TEM? If you’re not new then you already know that TEM originally stands for telecom expense management. What may be new is that telecom expense management is beginning to take on a whole new name that will increase the scope to include technology itself.  It is called technology expense management.  It takes the same concepts of telecom expense management but applies it to technology as a whole.  In other words it manages the expenses incurred from technology. Telecommunication is a branch of IT that handles technological tools used for communication, so if you guessed that a phone falls under that category, or the internet or cables, or wifi then you deserve a prize because that’s exactly what it is.  Telecom expense management identifies how a company manages the costs that are associated with telecommunication devices and services.

Turnkey IT

Yes, Turnkey IT is exactly what you’re thinking… turning the key of IT…  Just kidding! As I mentioned earlier IT keeps on coining new acronyms and along with new terms.  A useful metaphor to describe what turnkey IT is, is someone turning over their car key to a mechanic.  “Turnkey IT” is giving another party the authority or right to manage and optimize an IT setup of an organization based on customer’s goals. Telecom expense management (TEM) falls underneath that umbrella as the service entails that customers give their TEM service provider the right or authority to optimize and manage the IT assets on behalf of the customer.  TEM providers make sure that every single process for managing IT is transparent to the customers so that customers will always be able to monitor and control the direction that their IT assets go.  Having a turnkey IT solution is like having an IT expert as a friendly neighbour.  You’re always welcome to drop by when you have questions.

How Can TEM Help?

So what’s the hype about TEM? As organizations grow and become more sophisticated in their operations they require more telecom assets to get the job done.  Unfortunately, depending on the size of the organization it becomes harder to keep track of these assets.  For instance, depending on the way that the business is set up, employees will have a phone number for their respective office.  Employees may move to different offices but then their office number may not have transitioned with the employee to its new department of location.  This can cause real logistic challenges as the phone line may still be functional in the office where they worked before but it is no longer being used, which is a waste of resources.

Let’s fast forward a bit. The organization grows and realizes that a building is no longer suitable to support its operations. As a result, Company X moves their operation to another building that can support their growth but unfortunately they forgot to disconnect the phone services for the employee mentioned earlier. In some cases it may even be numerous employees. It could take a number of years for Company X to realize this oversight.  Unknowingly, Company X pays for a service that they never used for possibly years which could become extremely expensive over time.  In short, money that could have been invested in other projects was wasted because they weren’t aware of what equipment they owned and how it was used.  Telecom expense management handles that and so much more.  The resources that they used in supporting this service brought no value to Company X.  That’s why it is so important to keep track of what your organization is paying for and who is using it so that you have an accurate billing that represents your true value of the services in use.

Billing Discrepancies, Claims and Dispute Resolution

The worst scenario for any organization is to realize that they have been overcharged and were not able to recoup the costs because the time limit to claim those extra costs expired.  Telecom expense management providers help organizations by providing proof to support the customer’s claims of billing errors in a timely manner. Supporting a TEM solution helps businesses stay on track of their inventory of telecom equipment as well as how they are billed. It isn’t uncommon for mistakes to happen so it’s always better to be safer than sorry.   TEM is a safe bet when it comes to keeping individuals accountable on how equipment is used.

Mistakes can occur over misunderstanding certain agreements in contract terms but TEM is there to safeguard against contractual misunderstandings. TEM providers will advocate on behalf of the customer so that the customer is reimbursed as they are supposed to be.

Where to start?

We at ICOMM understand that customers are looking for a TEM solution that will give them a peace of mind.  We do so by managing their telecom expenses so that our clients can focus on running their business.  Customers are assured that when they order telecom services or equipment from carriers that they will in fact receive a solution that will address their telecom issue.  We want to help our customers succeed in their business so they can reach their goals and dreams.  Our mission is to maximize the cost savings of our customers so that they can commit those savings to other financially rewarding projects.  We help our customers by addressing their pain points whether it be identifying billing errors, tracking IT asset, placing orders on their behalf, advocating IT cost disputes on behalf of our customers and so much more.  Here at ICOMM we have our customers cost saving at heart and take it very seriously.