That’s the question of the day! Let’s first define what managed carrier ordering services are.   It is an outsourced service that manages the entire process of ordering telecommunications services from carriers, on behalf of an enterprise.  This service ensures that orders are placed correctly, installed in a timely fashion as configured and billed accordingly.  Now you may be thinking to yourself, what advantage is there in outsourcing these responsibilities?  With businesses opting to do more with less, many IT departments are overwhelmed. Placing and then successfully tracking carrier orders becomes more difficult. Ultimately businesses end up unnecessarily paying more and have less success in turning up timely services efficiently.  Delays in one area means delays in other dependent areas which means resources will be at worst sitting on their hands waiting for that installation to come or at best slowed down.  A business process that is delayed or is halted will affect the amount of work output for the employees which means a decrease in generating revenues. In some situations IT staff may be called in to fix the issue that they are not specialized in. Consequently, the IT staff’s time is taken away because they are focusing on an issue that isn’t their job.  Their expertise could have been used in a more efficient manner .  Ultimately, employers pay more and receive less.  In any IT department, the goal is to maximize the output (within reason) using the resources that you have.   Carrier ordering is complicated, error-prone and takes away from that goal.

  1. Services that are incorrectly configured lead to billing inaccuracies

Services that are regularly incorrectly configured leads to inaccurate bills.  Customers end up paying for configurations that were not requested, or having end-users waiting for business critical services to be installed.  It takes time, experience and knowledge to make the necessary arrangements to fix the configurations or expedite orders which can potentially slowdown other processes.  It’s the equivalent of going to the restaurant and asking for burger and fries.  Instead of receiving what you asked for, you receive a hotdog and a baked potato, much later than you expected. Yes, hotdogs and burgers are similar in that they both have meat, bread and toppings.  But they are very much different in terms of taste and texture.  The same goes for a baked potato and fries.  They are both potato based but they are both prepared differently.  In a restaurant setting, the customer would ask for their order to be corrected which will take several minutes to get. If it’s take out, then you will leave the restaurant with the wrong order.   You would have paid more for an order that you didn’t even ask for only to find out later.  It’s inconvenient to fix this error.  The same can be said about services except the cost won’t be a simple delay for a meal but instead a delay from efficiencies and billing inaccuracy.

Services such as Managed Carrier Ordering Services are meant to complete objectives with the main goal of creating efficiencies within a complicated process.  Efficiencies help businesses thrive.  If the pieces of the puzzle don’t come together at the precise time then it creates a gap and the picture can’t be completed until that piece is received.  That missing piece can lead to a missed opportunity of getting ahead of the competition which is why it is so important to receive what was asked for within the targeted time frame.

  1. Process Automation that is beneficial to your business

Managed Carrier Ordering Services is an automated process that is beneficial to your business. Allow me to explain why.  Placing orders inefficiently and manually tracking those orders uses up too many staff hours.  Why spend that inefficient time managing carrier orders when it can be outsourced at a click of a button.  There’s many other things that your employees could be doing to help reach your goals and stay productive.  Secondly, inefficiently managing orders gives too much leeway to human errors which is why automation is so important. Using a Telecom Management application will automatically update changes to status of the orders which makes it easier for decision makers to assess their orders thereby using those assessments to give them better positioning in their industry and business.

At ICOMM, we understand these issues and that is why we work hand at hand with our customers and provide an automated service to track carrier orders.   Managed Carrier Ordering Services gives businesses the ability to do more with less by providing a service that alleviates the workload on the business as well as create opportunities for employees to focus on more strategic revenue generating projects.

ICOMM’s Managed Carrier Ordering Services saves money for businesses by:

Providing timely conflict resolutions: ICOMM’S employees are highly experienced and understand the importance of time is money.  All the information that the customers present to ICOMM is documented by professionals who understand the carrier order process inside and out.

Minimizing billing errors:  ICOMM employees are responsible for their customer’s information and take steps to ensure that it is absolutely accurate.  ICOMM’s Analysts are specialized in order management and have that as their primary task day in and day out.  This prevents distractions, ensures orders are delivered properly and on-time, and minimizes billing errors.

ICOMM uses automation to keep track of records and generate on demand reports through our TEM application.  We are able to provide status reports on various orders, telecom expenses, and Telecom usage.

Benefits of ICOMM’s Service

Carrier ordering management services provide accurate billing for its customer. All orders are tracked using TMA (Telecom Management Application) to ensure that all orders are fully reconciled during the invoice review process.  Moreover, ICOMM conducts follow ups with the carriers which ensures that services are properly installed, accurately document and  billed according to the contracted rate.  Executing rigorous follow ups with carriers minimizes, if not eliminates, surprises to customer bills. Why spend time chasing down carrier billing order when someone else is there to do that for you?

ICOMM is positioned to resolve any issue in the fastest way possible, ultimately giving their customers the peace of mind that they deserve. Is managed carrier ordering services worth investing in?  Absolutely.  To find out more about how ICOMM can help your business click here.