TEMIA Publishes Whitepaper on the “Cell Phone Tax” Repeal

As ICOMM mentioned in our blog last last week, the House and Senate passed the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010, which President Obama signed into law on Monday, September 27th. A provision of this Act amended part of the IRS tax code, removing corporate-paid cell phones from the listed property category, effectively [...]

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Wireless Devices No Longer Listed Property with IRS!

Well, finally.  The House and Senate have both passed the Small Business Lending Fund Program (HR 5297), also know as the Small Business Jobs Act.  An included provision that we have all been waiting anxiously for, under the section titled "Promoting Small Business Fairness" removes the tax liability for cell phones, smart phones and other [...]

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Cell Phone “Tax Fairness” Bill Moves Forward

On September 15th, a Congressional subcommittee agreed to move forward with a new proposed Act that will put a moratorium on the addition of new State and Local taxes on wireless services.  Co-sponsored by almost 200 members of Congress, and fully supported by the wireless industry, this Act seems to be one of the few [...]

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UC and the “Single Number Concept”, from No Jitter

No Jitter has posted an interesting new article on Unified Communications and the use of a single number to "find" a user. http://bit.ly/9dVU0p Interesting story, but isn't this what presense is supposed to fix? Rather than ringing to multiple number locations on the off-chance of finding a user, presense *should* tell the telephony system where [...]

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