TEMIA has adopted a ethics code, and will be hosting a webcast for Enterprise customers, prospective TEMIA members, and industry analysts.

“This Ethics Code shows how we are developing industry standards. Here we address accuracy and truth in advertising, marketing, sales, and all other forms of communication. It also states that members will seek to win on their strengths and not disparage competitors. The code requires members to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to clients. Another important highlight calls for members that have evidence that another member or non-member may not be conforming to the principles of this Ethics Code, to notify the Ethics Committee (ethics@temia.org) for further review. The idea of having it apply to non-members means that TEMIA will work to improve the entire industry. In the next months, TEMIA will work to establish a balance implementing these standards while it works to avoid becoming a policing organization.”

To register for the Webcast, please visit:  http://tiny.cc/vvy4c

To read the full text of the TEMIA Ethics Code, please visit:  http://tinyurl.com/2b8jvz9