Mobile Device Management Market Shakeup; Will Google Dominate?

Google has recently announced that their Apps For Business platform will soon, for free to existing Google Apps customers, be supporting a number of Mobile Device Management features via a cloud-based dashboard.  What does this mean for the MDM marketplace?  It certainly means that enterprise customers now have more choices than ever in regards to [...]

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Mobile Device Environment Best Practices

Your company’s mobile usage is continually growing.  The per-device cost of each wireless phone is going up exponentially.  You are paying for devices that are no longer in use, and you don’t synchronize your employee data with your wireless device inventory to insure that unused devices are properly reassigned or cancelled.  Many users have more [...]

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FCC Efforts to Curtail “Bill Shock” Bring New Billing Practices to Wireless Industry

The FCC and CTIA, the Wireless Industry Association, have been locked in a struggle over what the FCC calls Bill Shock; when legitimate overages cause a large spike in the monthly service cost.  The FCC was pushing hard for rules governing the wireless carriers and their billing practices.  CTIA, in response, is now rolling out [...]

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TEMIA Tackles New Priorities at November Meeting in Boston

The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA,, the authoritative voice for the Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and solutions providers in related areas will host a meeting on November 2 in Boston for its members and guests to launch discussions on three major topics. The goal for [...]

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At Last – Verizon Wireless & the iPhone 4

So, Verizon and Apple finally come to terms, and now in less than a month Verizon will begin selling a CDMA-based iPhone 4. What does this mean for corporate end-users? Sure, the potential for less dropped calls has got to be high on users wish lists. And being able to use the iPhone as a [...]

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More and More Certain – the iPhone will come to VzW

All this week, the Wall Street Journal has reported in a number of stories that Apple will be releasing an iPhone that works on the Verizon network. Although there are no details, the speculation is that it will be an LTE device for data and CDMA for voice, and that it will be released in [...]

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TEMIA Publishes Whitepaper on the “Cell Phone Tax” Repeal

As ICOMM mentioned in our blog last last week, the House and Senate passed the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010, which President Obama signed into law on Monday, September 27th. A provision of this Act amended part of the IRS tax code, removing corporate-paid cell phones from the listed property category, effectively [...]

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Wireless Devices No Longer Listed Property with IRS!

Well, finally.  The House and Senate have both passed the Small Business Lending Fund Program (HR 5297), also know as the Small Business Jobs Act.  An included provision that we have all been waiting anxiously for, under the section titled "Promoting Small Business Fairness" removes the tax liability for cell phones, smart phones and other [...]

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Cell Phone “Tax Fairness” Bill Moves Forward

On September 15th, a Congressional subcommittee agreed to move forward with a new proposed Act that will put a moratorium on the addition of new State and Local taxes on wireless services.  Co-sponsored by almost 200 members of Congress, and fully supported by the wireless industry, this Act seems to be one of the few [...]

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Dell & AT&T Launch New Tablet

AT&T will be offering Dell's new Android-based Tablet, the Streak, this week. $300 on a contract. It's a pretty cool device; but how useful will it really be for business users? Will users find it more readily usable as it's smaller than the iPad, or less usable because it's bigger than an iPhone, Blackberry or [...]

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