Wireless Devices No Longer Listed Property with IRS!

Well, finally.  The House and Senate have both passed the Small Business Lending Fund Program (HR 5297), also know as the Small Business Jobs Act.  An included provision that we have all been waiting anxiously for, under the section titled "Promoting Small Business Fairness" removes the tax liability for cell phones, smart phones and other [...]

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Cell Phone “Tax Fairness” Bill Moves Forward

On September 15th, a Congressional subcommittee agreed to move forward with a new proposed Act that will put a moratorium on the addition of new State and Local taxes on wireless services.  Co-sponsored by almost 200 members of Congress, and fully supported by the wireless industry, this Act seems to be one of the few [...]

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TEMIA Adopts Ethics Policy, Will Host Webcast Overview of Policy

TEMIA has adopted a ethics code, and will be hosting a webcast for Enterprise customers, prospective TEMIA members, and industry analysts. "This Ethics Code shows how we are developing industry standards. Here we address accuracy and truth in advertising, marketing, sales, and all other forms of communication. It also states that members will seek to [...]

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The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association publishes a new report on inventory management best practices

TEMIA, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (temia.org) has just published a new report titled "Best Practices for Inventory Management Using TEM Metrics to Improve Performance". This report describes the importance of having a complete and granular inventory of all telecom-related services, and of having integrated MACD visibility into that inventory. Without this inventory management [...]

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Why ICOMM Does Not Do Contingency Fee-Based Projects

When ICOMM is engaged by a client to do a telecom services Request for Proposals (RFP), to negotiate a contract renewal, or to conduct a cost-reduction audit and provide ongoing Telecom Expense Management services, we structure our costs to be based upon a project fee, which in essence is the estimated number of hours the [...]

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Telecom Lifecycle Management

ICOMM Consulting is one of the few TEM (Telecom Expense Management) providers to also offer full-service telecommunications infrastructure support services. Working alongside our TEM practice, and sharing the same application suite, our Telecommunications Management Support (TMS) team provides first and second level telephony infrastructure support services, vendor management services, ordering services, and general project management for [...]

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