Mobile Device Management Services

As end-users push to be able to use their own mobile devices (BYOD, bring your own device) within the enterprise, organizations are becoming more and more cautious about the security, management and cost implications of allowing that access.  Couple that with the continue growth of corporate-owned wireless devices and that the complexity level of your IT infrastructure continues to increase dramatically.  What’s an organization to do?

This is where Mobile Device Management comes in, with a lot of promise, but also with a good amount of honest to goodness functionality.

The Mobile Device Management marketplace has a large number of vendors, and new ones cropping up regularly, and various M&A activities happening among them.  Gartner released their first MDM Magic Quadrant in April 2011, which included four vendors in the top-right quadrant (AirWatch, Good Technology, MobileIron and Sybase), and 19 other vendors in the other quadrants.   And, with the carriers themselves begining to dabble in this marketspace, and enhanced offerings from Microsoft, Rim and as was recently announced, Google, choosing the right solution for your enterprise will be complex.

Source: Gartner (April 2011)

How do you pick the right one, for now and into the future?  And once you have picked the right vendor, how can you insure that the solution is implemented properly, and that it is used effectively going forward?

ICOMM can help.  We offer the following services related to Mobile Device Management:

MDM Consulting and Vendor Selection

ICOMM has no affliation with any MDM solution provider, but we know how their systems work, and how to best match up their solution, and pricing model, with our clients’ environments.  Let ICOMM help guide you through the MDM maze.

MDM Implementations

Any MDM Solution is only as good as the data in it.  With our Wireless TEM inventory modules, we can help get you up and running in no time.

MDM Help Desk and Administration

Once you’ve implemented  your MDM solution, you still need someone to run it, act upon the alerts it provides, and verify that it’s working properly.  ICOMM provides our clients with MDM administration, fully integrated into our TEM solution, our Carrier Ordering offering and our Wireless Help Desk services.