ICOMM @ The AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Efficiency First® Telecom Management Conference

This week, ICOMM is attending, and is one of the sponsors of, the annual AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Efficiency First® Telecom Management Conference. This is the second time that ICOMM has participated in this event, and the first since ICOMM achieved Efficiency First certification.

To read about our EF Certification: http://www.aotmp.com/company/press-releases/icomm-achieves-aotmp-efficiency-first-solution-certification.html

To see more information about the conference: http://www.aotmp.com/conference/conference-snapshot.html

ICOMM supports the fundamentals behind the Efficiency First Framework. ICOMM provides all 16 wireless and wireline “Activities” that AOTMP has defined as the crucial elements of a best practice approach to Telecom Management.

To learn more about how ICOMM can assist your organization in having an expertly managed wireless and wireline telecommunications environment, click here.

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