The FCC and CTIA, the Wireless Industry Association, have been locked in a struggle over what the FCC calls Bill Shock; when legitimate overages cause a large spike in the monthly service cost.  The FCC was pushing hard for rules governing the wireless carriers and their billing practices.  CTIA, in response, is now rolling out guidelines for free alerts when customers approach or go over their monthly voice, data or text limits.   ICOMM believes that actual rules would make more sense than guidelines, but if the carriers truly adopt these practices, it would be a good thing for consumers nonetheless.

Here is the press release from CTIA on the issue:

In the corporate world, these alerts are generally available already, but how are those alerts put to use?  ICOMM’s integrated TEM platform allows for those alerts to generate optimization changes that would limit the potential cost overruns without interrupting service.  This could include adding a text plan, increasing a voice plan, upgrading a data plan or even reaching out to the end-user and verifying that the use causing the alert is legitimate and adheres to corporate wireless policies.