The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA,, the authoritative voice for the Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and solutions providers in related areas will host a meeting on November 2 in Boston for its members and guests to launch discussions on three major topics.

The goal for with this meeting is to establish a framework to address far-reaching topics that are critical to our members. The top three discussion areas include:

1. The Future of TEM
2. Carrier Billing
3. The Internationalization of TEM

TEMIA is working to gather industry analysts, carriers, TEM, WEM and MDM Solutions Providers that are interested in these topics to attend the November 2 meeting in Boston.  Interested parties should contact Joe Basili at (973) 763-6265. TEMIA members can register online.

With the first topic, members will have a forum to exchange their views regarding the future of TEM, market sizing, and industry developments.  Another consideration is clarifying the products, services, and capabilities that should be included as part of TEM.  Part of this discussion will include a new trend in which firms offer TEM, but insist that they are not TEM Solutions Providers.  James Price, TEMIA executive board president, and president of ICOMM Consulting stated, “All Solutions Providers have an interest in this topic, but I am really excited by the prospect of the industry coming together to shape the industry in positive ways that help clients maximize their investments in TEM solutions.”

The second topic shall focus on ratings for telecom carrier billing accuracy and ways to work constructively with telecom carriers on standards for billing formats, data quality, richness and electronic format availability.  “At ttMobiles, carrier billing is the starting point for all engagements.  If we can’t get enough detail it is very difficult to provide our clients with the information that they need.  Billing standards are critical” stated Peter Readman, director of ttMobiles.”  With this topic, TEMIA shall determine measurement items and establish definitions and standards for quantitative ratings.  There will also international component to this topic regarding definitions, standards, or other considerations that might need to change for overseas carriers as well as which carriers billing and products to include.

The third topic shall examine what programs and actions that TEMIA should offer to its members to support international expansion.  Currently, TEMIA is examining two initiatives, which would focus on identifying carrier contacts and billing. TEMIA’s Executive Board currently charters nine committees, which manage the work of the association.

Most committees meet once a month by phone to advance the goals of the association through collaboration and dialog.  Last year TEMIA’s focus was the Ethics Code.  With this initiative firmly established, TEMIA is ready to tackle some new priorities. Joe Basili, managing director for TEMIA stated, “We look forward to building on the success of our May meeting with a unique opportunity for some of the best-known TEM Solution Providers to take a break from competing for client business and do some networking.”  He added, “This is a forum for industry thought leaders to exchange views as they work constructively to build a positive future for the TEM market.”  TEM Solutions Providers and others that are interested in attending this meeting should contact Joe Basili at (973) 763-6265.

The largest Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service providers founded TEMIA, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, in 2006.  Since that time, TEMIA has grown to 38 members with international corporate headquarters managing over $36 billion of telecom and data spend.  TEMIA’s mission is to raise awareness and knowledge of the values and benefits of Telecom Expense Management TEM, Wireless Expense Management WEM, and Mobile Device Management MDM solutions, to improve the quality and value of these solutions through the development and promotion of open industry standards, and industry knowledge among Solutions Providers, business partners, telecom service providers, and enterprise clients.  For more information about the benefits of TEMIA membership, visit us online.