So, Verizon and Apple finally come to terms, and now in less than a month Verizon will begin selling a CDMA-based iPhone 4. What does this mean for corporate end-users? Sure, the potential for less dropped calls has got to be high on users wish lists. And being able to use the iPhone as a MiFi (rather than only a tethered device) is also a great offering. But are corporate end-users going to be able to put up with NOT being able to check email while they are on a call? The rumor is that the CDMA standard will support simultaneous voice and data calls at some point this year, but will that be something that Verizon will (or can) make instantly available across it’s network? And will doing so have a negative effect ON the “nations most reliable network”? Most of our corporate customers are taking a wait and see approach, minus a few executives who are already queued up to switch over as soon as they can.