As ICOMM mentioned in our blog last last week, the House and Senate passed the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010, which President Obama signed into law on Monday, September 27th. A provision of this Act amended part of the IRS tax code, removing corporate-paid cell phones from the listed property category, effectively removing the corporate tax on cell phones!

ICOMM and TEMIA both applaud this modification to the tax code; this change will result in significant cost savings for enterprises that proactively manage their wireless environments.

As TEMIA says in their whitepaper, “Companies should take measures to ensure they own the smartphones that employees use to conduct business and manage security for those devices. Organizations should prepare for the repeal of the tax by leveraging a corporate liable plan and combining it with telecom expense management (TEM) and wireless expense management (WEM) solutions to help mitigate risk associated with inappropriate use of devices, runaway expenses, and security breaches.”

ICOMM concurs completely.   If you are investigating how to best manage your wireless environment, give the experts at ICOMM a call or contact us here.   We can quickly walk you through how ICOMM could provide your organization a cost-effective managed mobility solution that eliminates the headaches out of managing a wireless environment, while keeping escalating costs down.

You can download the whitepaper here:

TEMIA Whitepaper on Adapting to the Repeal of the “Cell Phone Tax”