Well, finally.  The House and Senate have both passed the Small Business Lending Fund Program (HR 5297), also know as the Small Business Jobs Act.  An included provision that we have all been waiting anxiously for, under the section titled “Promoting Small Business Fairness” removes the tax liability for cell phones, smart phones and other wireless devices.  One of the key sponsors, Sen. John Kerry, said “You can’t do business in the modern economy without a cell phone so it’s crazy to tax them like some executive perk!”  The President is slated to sign the Act into law on Monday, September 27th 2010.  And, the Act is retroactive back to December 31st, 2010.

ICOMM believes this will be a major incentive for businesses large and small to centralize wireless service costs under a corporate account.  Free of the  requirement to either attest that devices weren’t used for personal purposes, or to itemize invoices to determine which calls were personal, businesses will be able to leverage a number of advantages to Corporate Responsible Wireless:

  • They will have the ability to contract for greater wireless carrier corporate discounts.
  • They will be able to perform monthly Wireless Optimizations across all devices.
  • They will be able to better enforce corporate policies around wireless usage.
  • They will be able to have complete visibility into their wireless spend.

To obtain all of that as quickly as possible, you need a TEM vendor who can assist with all aspects of the wireless service lifecycle; carrier contracts, procurement, invoice validation, service optimization and enterprise-wide reporting.  ICOMM brings all of those together for our clients.   Please contact us for a free assessment of how we can help you best take advantage of this IRS change!