ICOMM Consulting is one of the few TEM (Telecom Expense Management) providers to also offer full-service telecommunications infrastructure support services. Working alongside our TEM practice, and sharing the same application suite, our Telecommunications Management Support (TMS) team provides first and second level telephony infrastructure support services, vendor management services, ordering services, and general project management for our clients’ offices around the country.

Having direct access to any and all changes in our clients’ voice and data environments helps us keep the inventory of those services fully up-to-date, ensuring completely accurate invoice review. When a service is added, our TMS team adds it correctly. When it hits the invoice our TEM team already knows about it and makes sure that it’s billed at the correct contract rates, with no unexpected non-recurring charges, and starts billing on the correct date. And conversely, when a service is requested to be disconnected, our teams follow the same process so that no overbilling occurs; and, if it does, we dispute it with the carrier – all as part of our normal processing fee, not under a contingency arrangement.

This is true telecom lifecycle management -one partner fully responsible for the entire telecom services process, from ordering and provisioning, to bill review and payment, through support and maintenance and all the way through disconnect and final bill reconciliation.

We know that your company could benefit from our full service TEM offering. Please email us to schedule a full briefing and to learn more about how ICOMM Consulting can help your company fully reap the benefits of Telecom Lifecycle Management.